The new Finds Research Group logo - a cunning little vixen or a strolling lion?

When it came to deciding on a logo we spent quite a long time discussing different possibilities. We wanted something that would work as an easily identifiable logo for the group, that said ‘finds’ but that also wasn’t overly period specific, given the broad date range that we cover. In the end we all decided that this image of a little token from London, suggested by Jane, was by far the best one. We all call it a little vixen or dog but in token-terms it is probably better described as a ‘lion walking left’. The token was recovered from excavations at Swan Lane in the early 1980s and is now in the Archaeological Archive of the Museum of London (Accession no: SWA81[0] <1034>. Unfortunately the token was found unstratified on the site but in general tokens like this date to the 13th to 14th century and many were produced in London. Tokens were not replacements for official coinage but rather were used as a sort of promissory note and goods could be exchanged for them. It is thought that many were used by the church, for example by pilgrims staying or eating in church-run hostelries, and that some perhaps were even kept as mementoes of a pilgrimage.

The original drawing was done by Nick Griffiths and we are immensely grateful to both the Museum of London and to Nick for allowing us to adapt it slightly and to adopt it as our new logo. We think this cunning little vixen/lion is rather lovely and makes a great new logo, and we hope you will agree!

Jackie Keily
On behalf of The Finds Research Group Committee