Finds Research Group Privacy Statement

The Finds Research Group is a forum for people interested in or researching artefacts of the Anglo-Saxon to the early modern period. The Groups main activities include conferences and the production of information sheets and of Datasheets written by members of the Group

The Finds Research Group holds personal data in the form of contact details, subscription payment records and correspondence consistent with the purpose of running the Group, keeping members informed, and promoting and carrying out its programme of meetings.

We will ensure that your data is kept safe and we only pass on data to third parties in very specific cases for the purpose of running meetings and sending out Datasheets and regular mailings. We never share records of individual’s subscription payments.

FRG Administration

Personal data is collected mainly by electronic means with some paper based correspondence and we only ask for specific data necessary for the running for the Group.

The computers we use to process your information have safeguards such as firewalls, virus and password protection controls.

The Honorary Treasurer holds contact and payment details plus emails relating to payments. Emails are deleted when no longer needed for the running of the Group’s finances. The Group’s Honorary Membership Secretary holds Information consistent with keeping the membership details up to date. The Treasurer will inform the membership secretary of lapsed membership for this purpose. Details of members who have not paid will be kept for three years and members contacted to ask if they wish to continue with the Group. After this, your information will be deleted unless you renew your subscription.

Email contact lists are shared with the Meetings Officer for the sole propose of keeping members informed of meetings and events. The names of people attending meetings may be shared with other members of the Committee for the purpose of running the event. Details collected as part of the booking process for meetings will be kept for a maximum of 6 months after the event to enable accounting procedures to be fully completed after which they will be deleted.

Third parties

We will not pass on or sell your information to any third party for marketing purposes.

For datasheet and other mailings we share names and addresses with our contractor Westgate Printers for this sole purpose of printing and sending out mailings and datasheets. Westgate undertake to use the data for no other purpose and to destroy it when no longer required.

In the course of running the Group we use third party websites as well as our own FRG website (e.g. Twitter and Facebook). We are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of third party websites, but will ensure we use third party websites with clear GDPR compliance statements, and a public statement outlining their commitment to GDPR.

As a small society we adhere to the standards and conditions of the Data Protection General Regulations and want you to be confident that we are handling your private data in an appropriate, safe and confidential way. You have the right to see what personal data we hold for you and to opt out of membership at any time. If you have any questions about your data you can contact us at