The Finds Research Group is a forum for people interested in or researching artefacts of the Anglo-Saxon, Viking, medieval and post-medieval periods.

The aim of The Finds Research Group (FRG) is to promote the study of artefacts dating from the post-Roman period up to 1950 by:

  • holding meetings to exchange ideas
  • viewing and identifying finds
  • encouraging research on the material culture dating to this period
  • disseminating that research through the publication of Datasheets


Meetings - open to all but with preferential rates for members - are held regularly and include one-day events that focus on themes related to the identification and interpretation of finds. With no regional bias, FRG meetings are made accessible to the widest membership and are held country-wide and abroad. Over the last few years we've held meetings in Sutton Hoo, Lincoln, London, Dublin and Edinburgh and have made short trips to museums to view exhibitions, most recently to the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden and the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum.

We regularly co-host meetings with other finds study groups and societies - such as the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology - and with professional bodies, in order to widen our network and encourage information exchange. These have proved very popular and productive in the past. We hope to continue these collaborations and welcome suggestions from groups for future joint meetings and conferences.

Membership is open to everyone. Our newsletter gives details of forthcoming meetings, book reviews and any other news that may be of interest. We regularly post news items on this website and FRG members can follow our activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Annual subscription is kept deliberately low and is due each January, by standing order, cheque or PayPal. Please contact the Treasurer if you have any questions.

Datasheets on particular categories of objects are produced regularly and provide up to the minute reports on current research and research interests along with a bibliography. New Datasheets are sent out to all members with their twice-yearly mailings as a part of FRG membership.

Datasheets 1–24 and 25–40 are now available as two books and back-numbers of the last three most recent Datasheets are available for purchase. Previous Datasheets are available as PDF downloads from the FRG website or as a postal request from our membership secretary. Offers to contribute new Datasheets are warmly encouraged and should be made to the Lead Co-ordinator of the Editorial Team by email

The Geoff Egan Prize for Finds Research is awarded annually to an individual in recognition of extraordinary potential in the field of post-Roman to modern finds research. Given in commemoration of one of the FRG’s most acclaimed members, the award is open to finds researchers in the early stages of their careers with no track record of publication in finds research, archaeology or related subjects.



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